Vale Jewelry

The creative duo behind luxury brand Vale, twin sisters Eva Bai and Ava Bai have always been fascinated with hands-on art. Crafting glamorous, versatile, and understated accessories with a modern yet approachable appeal, the New York-based artisans are taking the standard of jewelry design to another level. As creative forces, Eva and Ava share a love for design but find inspiration in different things; therefore, it is hardly surprising the line epitomizes the dynamic interplay of two individual personalities.

In addition to building an e-commerce website, Joseph was commissioned by Vale Jewelry to update their wordmark logo from the previous dated version from the early 2000’s. What resulted from Joseph’s design process is an elegant, high contrast logo, which uses contemporary sans, and is rooted in the style of Didone…but different. It excludes the typical serifs and ball terminals in lieu of a cleaner, reductionist appearance. This gives balance between letterforms, and makes the mark sensible, “high fashion,” and perfect for almost any application.