We offer brand sentiment research services to help companies understand how their brand is perceived by consumers. Our team of experienced researchers conduct surveys and interviews with a diverse range of customers to gather valuable insights into their thoughts, feelings, and experiences with the brand. 

By analyzing this data, we can provide a comprehensive report that highlights areas of strength and opportunities for improvement. Our brand sentiment research services provide valuable information that can help companies make informed decisions and improve their overall brand strategy. Let us help you gain a deeper understanding of your brand’s perception and take steps to enhance your customers’ experiences.


Social Media Sentiment Analysis

This involves analyzing the sentiment of consumer posts and comments on social media platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook, to gauge consumer sentiment towards a brand.


Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Surveys are used to collect direct feedback from customers on their experiences with a brand, including their overall satisfaction levels, or to understand perceptions about a new brand being developed.


Employee Reviews

Data mining is used to collect employee feedback from major websites such as Glassdoor, Reddit, and TheLayoff.com in order to gain a deeper understanding of employee sentiment towards a company.


Customer Feedback Analysis

This involves collecting and analyzing customer feedback from various sources, such as online reviews and customer service interactions, to understand consumer sentiment towards a brand.


Brand Tracking Studies

These studies involve tracking consumer sentiment over time, using a variety of methods, such as surveys and social media analysis, to understand how consumer sentiment towards a brand is changing.


Bespoke Solutions

We live and work in the world of data and can help clients with specific needs a more contextual approach. Our research can also include emotional analysis, or analysis of international brand sentiment.