Producing a world-class brand and applications for the leading cancer treatment and research institution

Dana-Farber. All Together, Different.

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute blends leading science and exceptional care into transformative medicine. Their patients respond positively when no barriers separate science and care or doctors and researchers. This was the central theme in the newly developed communications. This is what separated Dana-Farber from other research institutions, and what essentially makes them: all together, different. Brand positioning done by Hayes Roth.

An identity honoring the founders

The all together, different positioning was expressed by Robert Matza in the brand identity. The symbol contains an intertwined “D” for “Dana” and “F” for “Farber” connecting us all — patients, physicians, researchers, family, and friends — to each other, and to their rich history. Together, we helped Dana-Farber Cancer Institute express their ideas and beliefs through strategic communications, which included developing real-world applications to be applied. Brand identity done by Robert Matza.