AEF: The ANA Educational Foundation

In 2015, the AEF and the highly respected Association of National Advertisers (ANA) joined forces as the AEF officially became the ANA’s educational foundation.

Joseph Orr, in partnership with Hayes Roth, was asked to first recommend a formal name change for the AEF. After reviewing logical (and aspirational) options, The Advertising Educational Foundation agreed to become The ANA Educational Foundation, clearly establishing the new relationship without depleting the equity and relevance of the “AEF” brand name.

Joseph then explored visual and color equities of both brands and recommended the then current AEF wordmark should not change its shape but could be modified to reflect its new emergence as the ANA’s educational foundation. After an extensive color study, Joseph recommended a visual identity solution that graphically and elegantly depicted the evolution of the AEF and ANA relationship.