Naming & Verbal Identity

Name your product, service, or ingredient, and start the journey.

All of the good names are taken. So we’ll settle for the great ones.

While it’s true that building evocative, differentiating names requires more experience than it used to, that’s never been a problem for me and my partner PS212. That’s because naming is not just a sideline for us. It’s a distinct specialty we’ve honed for half a century.

In that time, PS212 has built the world’s only truly collaborative global naming network, employing specialists in linguistics, marketing strategy, trademark law, and product portfolio management. This is why we’ve been chosen to tackle some of the most high-profile naming challenges of the last decade. While others complain that memorable names are getting harder to find, we’re constantly creating new ones the world loves to say – not just in English, but in Mandarin, Arabic, French, and Russian.

And not just individual names, but entire nomenclature systems. Is it harder today than it used to be? A bit, but finding great names is never easy.

Naming services include:

  • Corporate naming
  • Product naming
  • Service naming
  • Ingredient brand development
  • Nomenclature system development