Brand Strategy & Positioning

Harness the strategic combination of analytical rigor and creativity to achieve business growth.

Once you pinpoint the market territory your brand can own, I’ll build a detailed plan to capture it.

The job of brand building belongs to the entire organization, not just the marketing department. To truly unite your entire enterprise around this goal requires a unique, powerful, and relevant brand promise, and a well-laid brand strategy for delivering it consistently.

When we become partners, I’ll also become your researcher. My process consists of rigorous desktop and competitive research, and formalizing myself with you as an organization. Once I develop a concrete understanding of what makes you different, I’ll build a brand strategy guide to help you and partners build the brand, and position your company for long-term growth.

Brand strategy services:

  • Brand auditing
  • Internal & competitive research
  • Stakeholder & client interviewing
  • Brand positioning
  • Purpose, promise & values