Brand Insights & Analytics

Your brand never stops evolving. Neither should your brand insights.

Make sure your brand’s efforts lead toward your business goals.

The value of brand insights is in uncovering the connections between brand behaviors and the behavior of target audiences. For example, learning that “creates innovative products” drives sales twice as much as any other attribute points clearly to the best direction for product development and marketing. By creating tailored tracking systems, I enable organizations to more closely align brand and business building.

Depending on your business needs, tracking results range from overall marketing and brand measures – such as measurement of awareness and differentiation – to individualized brand-specific findings. In partnership with researchers, or individually on a smaller scale, we’re able to produce highly disciplined, cost-effective studies, carefully matched to the performance parameters you specify. Results always link back to key business measures, including revenue, profit, and efficiency.

Brand insights & analytics services include:

  • Consumer research
  • Surveying & interviews
  • Digital analytics
  • Social discovery
  • A/B testing