Visual Brand Identity

Express your brand essence, and deliver consistent, delightful experiences.

Evolve your visual brand identity, and stand apart.

At its best, visual brand identity captures your entire brand in one powerful design. It expresses your corporate vision, sets you apart from competitors, and is a lasting, memorable, and compelling signpost for customers, employees, and shareholders. As individual as a fingerprint, its unique lines and contours could belong to only one brand.

Your visual brand identity not only expresses your entire company, it also involves much of mine as well. That’s because so many skills are required to produce each brand identity. Skills such as market insight, strategy, naming, customer experience, and brand positioning are all contributors. I believe that identity design is as much a disciplined strategic endeavor as it is an artistic and creative one.

Visual brand identity services include:

  • Logos & marks
  • Typography systems
  • Imagery
  • Color systems
  • House style