Brand Auditing

Ensure you are delivering what you promise. Consistently.

Brand strategies and breakthrough designs are pointless unless they increase loyalty and profits.

Many audits examine only brand communications. While important, I believe that they are only one facet of creating a customer’s experience. To accurately evaluate brand performance, I look at all the interactions consumers have with a brand.

Together, we’ll start by looking at how you communicate your brand promise through digital applications, print collateral, packaging, advertising, environments, and more. Then we’ll examine whether you successfully make that promise come alive through touchpoints such as product performance, customer service, employee behavior, and recruiting efforts.

The result is a clear understanding of the promises your brand is making, whether those promises are being kept, and the changes needed if they aren’t. Knowing where to focus your attention and investment is key to building and managing a strong brand.

Brand auditing services:

  • Internal interviews
  • Marketing communications
  • Digital and social
  • Search performance
  • Customer profiling
  • Analytics