Joseph Orr | Hire Counsel / Mestel
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Hire Counsel / Mestel

Redesigned and implemented a refreshed website and online recruitment tool for the leading US privately held recruitment firm in the legal industry.

About This Project

Hire Counsel is a leading staffing and recruitment services provider to law firms. Whether supplying temporary lawyers and staff resources for large-scale caseloads and document reviews, helping to bolster client capabilities or fill a gap when key professionals are unavailable, they are known for the impeccable quality and professionalism of their service. Mestel & Company is the leader in privately held legal search and recruitment consulting, specializing in career advancement for associates, of counsel, partners and in-house counsel as well as for moving groups and orchestrating complex law firm mergers.


After assessing the sister company websites, it was apparent neither site was sufficiently effective at communicating their strong position in the market. Moreover, the sites were visually inconsistent from one another and not coded responsively for their growing audience of mobile users.


Joseph proceeded to develop an improved website information architecture for enhanced information retrieval and communications while making consistent the relationship between both companies through a unified, yet distinctive visual design approach – one that reflects their industry leadership and the sophistication of their process, services and organizational culture.


Professional Services, Recruiting

Mestel Website

Hire Counsel Website


WordPress, PHP, HTML, Javascript, CSS, MySql

Websites & Mobile